Vehicle Crash with Confinement on Nutt Road
By WatchDesk
September 1, 2022

At 6 PM, our department and Trappe EMS of Phoenixville were alerted for a vehicle crash on Nutt Road between Buchanan and Wheatland Streets. The report was that two vehicles were involved and one patient's leg was trapped.

Chief 65 arrived to confirm that one occupant was confined in one of the vehicles and that a third, parked vehicle was also involved. Chief 65 requested an additional ambulance to the scene, bringing a MICU from West End. Rescue tools were used to extricate the occupant. Three patients were evaluated by EMS personnel but none were transported to a hospital. Firefighters also cleaned debris from the roadway.

Nutt Road was shut down during the incident. Fire units cleared the scene after about 40 minutes.

Units: Chief 65, Deputy 65, Engine 65-1, Rescue 65, Fire Police
Mutual Aid: MICU 85-1, MICU 67-4