Joint Water Rescue Training on the Schuylkill
October 20, 2022

Last night, we participated in a joint training drill of the Upper Providence Township Water Rescue Task-Force. This group was formed a couple years ago to enhance the readiness and efficiency of water rescue teams in the area.

The teams were tasked with locating a total of 18 victims. One of the scenarios involved locating, stabilizing and removing a live victim with an impalement injury. In addition to personnel in boats, drones with thermal imaging capability were also utilized in the search.

The Schuylkill River and Mont Clare Canal in our area are immensely popular for boating. Usage of powerboats, personal watercraft, kayaks, canoes, rafts and tubes seems to grow as each year passes. You are reminded to always wear a life jacket/personal flotation device while on the water.

Units: Boat, Engine 1, Ladder, Squad
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