Busy Wednesday Morning for the PFD
By WatchDesk
December 28, 2022

This morning, our department was alerted for six emergencies. They were:

5:44 AM - an assist to UPT Fire & Emergency Services for a gas leak inside a building at the Providence Town Center in Upper Providence Township. Our crew assisted with investigating the leak and ventilating the building

7:59 AM - an assist to Lower Providence Fire Department for a reported building fire at Saint Gabriel's Hall in Lower Providence Township. The issue was an ongoing heater malfunction causing excessive smoke. We were immediately recalled.

8:53 AM - a fire alarm activation at Gateway Pharmacy. It was determined the system had malfunctioned.

9:36 AM - a gas leak outside on St. Mary's Street at South Street. A construction crew digging in the street hit a 2" natural gas line. Firefighters secured the area until PECO arrived to repair the line. Fire Police from Valley Forge Volunteer Fire Co. assisted with closing streets in the area.

10:25 AM - a pedestrian struck at Bridge & Gay Streets. The pedestrian was transported to Paoli Hospital.

11:03 AM - an elevator malfunction alarm at Renaissance East/Iron Hill. It was determined to be an accidental trip of the emergency button in the elevator - which is an ongoing issue at this location.

Photos are from the gas leak on South Street.