2023 Operations and Administrative Leadership
January 12, 2023

Recently, elections were held for open board of director positions and Fire Chief Eamon Brazunas announced his appointments for fire officer and coordinator positions. Last night, Mayor Peter Urscheler conducted a swearing-in ceremony for our volunteer fire officers and coordinators during our monthly business meeting.

Our 2023 leaders are as follows:

Fire Officers and Coordinators
Chief: Eamon Brazunas
Deputy Chief: David J. Meadows
Assistant Chief: Keith Bliss
Assistant Chief: Craig Lear
Captain: Brian Kappel
Lieutenant: Conor Riley
Lieutenant: Tyler Frees
Safety Officer: Ed Walters
Communications Officer: Chris Brignola
Fire Police Captain: Charles Snook
Community Outreach Coordinator: Sarah Menage
Community Risk Reduction Coordinator: Scott Miesen
Medical Director: Dr. Danielle Levine

Board of Directors of the Phoenix Hose, Hook & Ladder Co, No1
President: Tyler Frees
Vice President: Bryan Meadows
Treasurer: Lou Ann Allen
Recording Secretary: Bryan Baker
Membership Secretary: Tami Hopple
Director at Large: David B. Meadows
Director at Large: Jim Hudson
Director at Large: Morgan Frees