Boat Assist for an Injured Person on the Schuylkill River
By WatchDesk
September 1, 2023

Shortly after 7AM, our department was alerted for the boat to assist Kimberton Fire Company and West End EMS for an injured hunter on an island in the Schuylkill River. The location was near the old Cromby Generating Station. The caller reported the injured person was being brought back to the Black Rock - Phoenixville Access Boat Launch but they were having issues with their main motor and using only a trolling motor.

Assistant 65-A, Utility 65 with Boat 65-1 and Rescue 65 responded on the assignment. Upon arrival at the launch ramp, Boat 65-1 with rescue personnel and a medic was launched and headed upriver to rendezvous with the patient. Boat 77-2 from Friendship Fire Company Diving-Rescue Unit arrived and was launched as a safety boat.

The patient was transferred to Boat 65-1 and brought back to the launch. The patient was treated and then transported to a local hospital. TowerDirect EMS also assisted at the boat ramp.

Our department cleared the incident after about 40 minutes.

Units: Assistant 65-A, Utility 65 with Boat 65-1, Rescue 65