Mid-day Porch Fire on the North Side
By WatchDesk
November 2, 2023

At 11:44 AM, our department and first-alarm companies were alerted for a house fire on Franklin Avenue near Fillmore Street. The caller reported the front porch was on fire.

Chief, Engine, Ladder 65-1 and MICU 65-1 responded on the assignment. Crews arrived to find a small fire on the porch. The fire was extinguished which required some of the wood to be cut away.

First-alarm companies except Phoenixville and UPT Fire & Emergency Services were recalled. Units cleared the scene after about 20 minutes.

Units: Chief, Engine, Ladder 65-1, MICU 65-1
Mutual Aid: Kimberton Fire Company, Liberty Fire Company, TowerDirect EMS, UPT Fire & Emergency Services, Valley Forge Volunteer Fire Company