Dryer Fire at Oakwood Manor Apartments
By WatchDesk
November 27, 2023

At 5:48 PM, our department was alerted for a fire alarm sounding at Oakwood Manor Apartments, Building "C" on Cherry Street. The initial caller reported hearing alarm bells sounding. The incident was upgraded to a building fire after additional callers reported an odor of something burning and hearing an explosion in the laundry room.

Deputy, Engine, Ladder and MICU 65-1 responded to the incident. Firefighters arrived to find a dryer fire that had been partially extinguished by a resident using a dry chemical fire extinguisher. Firefighters used a pressurized water can to extinguish the remaining fire. The fire had been contained to the dryer. A positive pressure fan was used to clear smoke from the building. The assignment was quickly held to Phoenixville units - all mutual-aid companies were recalled.

TowerDirect EMS treated one resident on scene for smoke inhalation. Fire units cleared the scene after about a half hour.

Units: Deputy 65, Engine 65, Ladder 65, MICU 65-1